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Hardware Software Internet/Multimedia Networking Telecom/Wireless Launches Internet's Premier Site For Custom Logo Design

NEW YORK, NY -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 07/26/2000 -- Today, launched a site that offers businesses the ability to order custom logo designs online.’s creative team of highly skilled specialists has developed exceptional logo designs for clients in a wide variety of businesses and industries. The turnaround time is short, and the results are professional. The logos are sent to the customer via e-mail and are ready for immediate Internet and web design use. has created logo designs for many satisfied customers and all of the logos are all custom creations, not templates or "one size fits all".

WhataLogo services are used by: New companies searching for that special logo to “visualize” their business, existing businesses looking to rebrand, businesses looking for logo for a new product. If you would like to check out examples of the custom logo designs, you may visit the company’s web site at and click on PORTFOLIO button on the left navigation bar. President, Bernard Sonnenschein, described the importance of a catchy graphic: “Nothing communicates a company or product's image better than a unique, logo. Studies show people remember a picture FAR more than the words. So if you are a new company searching for a special logo or if you want a new logo for your existing business—we recommend that you get a logo today from!", a division of, extends the company’s corporate branding products. In addition to offering custom logo design for customers that currently own a domain name, businesses that do not have a domain name are offered complete corporate identity packages that include a domain names WITH a custom logo. The packages, which are available for immediate purchase at, will help a new company get a head start with its corporate identity.

Along with the site launch, is also launching the two--tier Affiliate Network. Unlike other affiliate programs that only pay for sales generated from the affiliate web site, the Affiliate program also pays its affiliates for sales generated by other Affiliates that are referred to the Affiliate program by the first tier affiliates. Thus, in addition to earning commissions for every sale that comes from the affiliate web site, they also earn commissions for sales made through a Sub-Affiliate that they have referred.

ABOUT WHATALOGO.COM, a division of, is a New York-based corporation offering businesses the ability to order custom logo designs online. In addition to the logo designs by WhataLogo and the premium domain names offered by, through its division, it also offers a new unique patent pending service that matches a business’ corporate name, domain name, web site address, company product or service mark with a customized toll-free number. With TeleDomains, businesses get a domain name and associated low cost, customized, catchy toll free phone and/or fax numbers that match its corporate name, domain name, web site address or company product or service mark. TeleDomains(TM) help businesses reinforce their brand name and recognition while offering their customers free and easy telephone access to their products and services from anywhere in the United States.

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