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WhataLogo.com is a New York based business involved in the design of logos. We are a creative team of highly skilled specialists that have developed exceptional logo designs for clients in various industries. We have designed and created well over 100 custom created logo designs-- not  "one size fits all", not templates. Logo design traditionally has been expensive and time consuming. Not with WhataLogo! Our turnaround time is quick, our results beat the more costly providers.   To check out our portfolio of our logo designs, please click here.

Our services are used by: New companies searching for that special logo to “visualize” their business, existing businesses looking to rebrand, businesses looking for logo for a new product. – You should Order your logo today from WhataLogo.com! Nothing communicates a company or product's image better than a unique and professional custom logo design and a vanity toll free number and toll free service. We offer the attorney advertising available vanity 800 numbers such as 1-800-LAWYER in New York and at the same time, another lawyer advertising orders service for 1-800-LAWYER in Ohio. In addition, we now offer Renewable Energy Marketing and Solar Energy Advertising. In addition, you can order 800-INJURY for your attorney advertising or 877-ACCIDENT for your lawyer advertising.

We Provide Far More Than Logos:  Some customers looking for logos, particularly new companies, are also looking for strategies to develop a web site, obtain a premium domain name, even obtain matching custom toll-free telephone listings. Look no further:

·         WhataLogo.com and WhataDomain.com are divisions of NetUpstarts Inc.   Customers without a domain name can CLICK HERE for a complete list of domain names being offered by WhataDomain.com.

·         TeleDomains™, another division of NetUpstarts, Inc., offers assistance creating 800 toll-free telephone numbers and 800 services that match a company domain or product name and sets up low cost toll-free telephone service for the vanity toll free number. TeleDomains.com and its communication partners also  offer custom vanity 800 number services for a full range of companies marketing needs. CLICK HERE for information regarding the vanity toll-free services.

·         In short, we offer exclusive consulting services to build your brand, translate it to the web, and grow your customer base.

Domain Name Experience: The management of WhataLogo.com has been involved with domain names since 1997.

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