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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my logo be ordered and designed completely over the Internet?

Yes. That is exactly what we do. It's easy! Just complete the online order form. 

How soon can work begin on my logo? 

For credit card orders that are entered through our secure on-line payment center, we can begin immediately. If you pay by bank wire or certified check, we need to receive payment before work can begin. 

How long before I see my logo design? 

The day your initial payment is received, we start the logo design process. You will see your logo design within 5 to 7 business days. Rush orders are available for an additional fee.

How much do you charge for a logo design? 

While others charge an hourly rate of as much as $150 an hour and others design logos for thousands of dollars, WhataLogo.com will design your logo for only $295 complete. No hidden charges.

Do you require full payment before you can start the logo design? 

No, we require a $150 non-refundable initial payment to start the design work. The remaining balance is due when your logo is delivered to your e-mail address. For payment by certified check or wire transfer, we will require payment in full before we begin. 

I have an idea for a logo design; can you create a custom logo based on my design? 

You can send us your idea on the “Additional Comments” section on the online order form. We will charge you our hourly rates of $90 an hour with a minimum of 5 hours. We typically complete a custom logo based on your design within 5- 6 hours. 

Do you accept orders from outside the USA?

Yes. Our company has extensive experience with international customers.

How do I receive my new Logo?

Your logo will be sent via e-mail in GIF or JPEG format. It will be ready for immediate Internet and web design use. Floppy disk can be sent to you by mail for an additional fee of $15.00 for US Postal Service Mail or $29.00 for overnight delivery. 

What if I do not like the color or font of the logo? 

Reasonable requests for modifications such as font and color changes will be made at no additional charge. 

OK, I am ready to order. How do I start? 

Just complete the online order form.

Do you offer any additional business services? 

Yes, every day we can help small businesses with their search to check availability for a vanity 800 number and to order the best available vanity toll free number services. We work with the attorney advertising to lookup available vanity 800 numbers such as 1-800-LAWYER in Michigan and another lawyer advertising is able to order 800 service for 1-800-LAWYER in Texas.

HELP! I'm still lost after reading the FAQ. Who do I contact?

If you can't find an answer to a question you have, just CLICK HERE to contact us and we will promptly answer your question.

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