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Whatalogo.com™ Referral Program

For every sale that you refer--- get a commission check!

Join the WhataLogo.com Referral Program and get paid commissions every time the customer you refer uses our service. This program is great for those that do not have a web site. If you have a web site CLICK HERE for our top rated affiliate program.

  • WhataLogo.com™ will pay a referral commission to any person/company who refers a buyer that purchases a logo from WhataLogo.com. You will earn $25 for every logo purchased by the person/company that you refer to WhataLogo.com.

  • Referring Party must complete the form below. This form must be received from the referring party prior to the inquiry by the prospective buyer.

  • The Referring Party must have made the prospective buyer aware of the availability of WhataLogo.com ™ services. This will be confirmed by WhataLogo.com.

  • WhataLogo.com will make the sole judgment of whether a referring party is due a referral commission.

  • Referring Party is automatically paid by check every month on the 15th. Checks are written for accounts with balances of $10.00 (U.S. Dollars) or more. The checks are mailed by the first of the following month.

There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as a Referring Party. Start referring today!

Referring Party :

Company Name:
City:   State:  Zip:
Area code please.

Prospective Buyer :

Relationship to referring party
(if any)
List which Products interests the prospective buyer and any additional comments.

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